Lazy Lunch

Today has been so lazy and great – we needed a weekend like this! I’ve done two loads of laundry, found some recipes for some baking this weekend, and am helping decide what color we want to paint our dressers.


I really wanted to make a BLT once I saw Nick making one for lunch, but I had some leftovers that needed to be eaten, so I just heated those up.


Super quick, super easy!


Leftover Tandoori Chicken, Apricot Couscous, some steamed green beans and sliced tomato.




This was just as good today as the other night!




It is beautiful here today, so thank Mr. Sunshine for the nice lighting for my pictures.

I think it’s a bit warmer today so we’ll probably be heading out for a run sometime this afternoon.


On the agenda?

– Finish watching Barefoot Contessa :)

– Finishing laundry

– Run

– Dinner

– Starting one baking adventure this weekend – you won’t get to see it until tomorrow!


I hope you’re having a great Saturday!


  1. Have a great run! I just got back from mine!

    Your couscous looks awesome!

  2. yay for leftovers! enjoy the run and your baking … sounds like a perfect day :-)

  3. Your pictures look great! The colors on the plate really pop.

    Have fun with the baking adventure. Can’t wait to see what it is!

  4. LOVELY pictures :) I’m so jealous of sunny kitchens…

  5. I love Barefoot Contessa! And I wish I had to time to do laundry. We have visitors (which I love), but I also wish I had some extra time to get chores done!

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