For lunch, Nick and I decided to try Elderberry’s, this new place that opened up a few months ago. We hadn’t been there before, but I know I want to go back!

They have lots of different wraps (that you can also get as salads) and a TON of smoothie flavors. I didn’t try a smoothie today, but I did see that they have a Girl Scout Thin Mint flavor – that could be trouble.  :)

I got a wrap on their wheat tortilla with turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, and a little bit of honey mustard.


I have never had honey mustard with avocado, but it’s so good!

I also tried some Pirate’s Booty, which I had never had before. This was one of those single serving bags – it was good…like healthier cheeto puffs.pirates

I’m just about to start eating this apple back in my office.


Back to work I go – I hope your Friday is going well!

See you for a FUN dinner (or so I hope!)


  1. Girl Scout Thin Mint Smoothie? I think that would get me in trouble too! :)

  2. I have never tried Pirates Booty before, I want to!

  3. Definitely go back and get that smoothie!! :-D

  4. That wrap looks good!

  5. i wanna try pirates booty!! did you write on rose’s post about the blogger meetup? i hope that was you and that we can meet soon! xoxo

  6. Pirate’s Booty is so yummy! My college roommate had it all the time. But she’d buy the big bags, which got dangerous!

  7. Pirate Booty’s? That sounds so cute! And oh wow, love your wrap!

  8. Thin Mint smoothie? that sounds soo good! But that wrap looks yummy too!
    I’ve seen the pirates booty at the store near me maybe I’ll pick some up to try.

  9. A thin mint smoothie would definitely be dangerous for me! Thin mints and caramel delights (or samoas) are my top girl scout cookies!

  10. Mmm… Pirates Booty is so good!

    I don’t think I could have turned down a Thin Mint Smoothie, you’re much stronger than me!

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