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Spooky silence: That’s the best way to describe the office today. It’s just strange and sad and eerily quiet.

Good thing I’ve been slammed all morning! It’s kind of kept my mind off of things a little bit. I’m serious, though – I just got through all the emails that were waiting for me. Blech. Plus, I still have other things to do this afternoon that I haven’t even started on!  It’s one of those days.

My oatmeal held me over wonderfully! You can’t go wrong with a big bowl of oatmeal  :)

I was about to post my lunch and realized I left my camera cord at home! I can just put my memory card in my laptop at home, but I have to use the cord on my work computer, so no pictures right now. Don’t worry – lunch wasn’t that exciting, but you’ll get to see it later regardless.

In lieu of lunch pictures, I thought I would let Roxy bring you some afternoon links


Yes, this is what she does almost all day, every day. Oh, to have the life of a cat…

  • BSI has been announced today! Get crackin’ on those recipes!
  • Caitlin will be announcing her contest for a Road ID tomorrow – but just check it out and don’t enter so I have a better chance of winning it! :)
  • How to Eat for a Killer Immunity
  • Beadie’s BBQ contest ends today – I hope you entered!
  • Breakfast can keep you lean?  Bring. it. on. big breakfast.

See you later for lunch recap and dinner!

Thanks for all the feedback about the heart health series – I’ll start working on it! I’m excited  :)


  1. Haha I love that pic of your cat! And yes – get her a buddy! I’m a total advocate for 2 cat households. :)

  2. Hang in there!!!

    Your cat and my cats would get along very well.

  3. wow the life of a cat. makes me rethink what I’d like to reincarnate as….

  4. I am also super jealous of my cat’s life…. I want to lay around all day like that!

  5. Not sure what I am going to do with this BSI ingredient this week – not a huge fan of kale?

    Maybe “hide” it in a soup?!

    Hope the rest of your day goes smoothly!

  6. AWWWHHHHHH such a cute picture~
    And thanks for the link to the new BSI!!!!

  7. seriously, i would do almost anything to live the life of a cat in a house …

    yay for heart health!

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