Leftovers to the Rescue!

Ah….the long awaited post. I’ve been waiting all day for this! I was so upset I didn’t have my cord at work.


I’m telling you – lunch was not very exciting or filling!  I hate when I pack my lunch the night before thinking it will be great and then I don’t really want it when it’s time to eat. This is why I wish I could eat at home!

Oh well – it still tasted good. It just didn’t hold me very long, so I was pretty hungry this afternoon.

Tomato and Basil Soup



Steamed mixed veggies



and a hard boiled egg for some protein!



I didn’t have much for snacks at work, so I ended up having this princess sucker I got at work. It didn’t fill me up at all, but it did take my mind off my stomach for a while.



Nick and I were heading to some friends’ house after work, so I brought leftovers to eat in my office.

Glamorous? No.

But if we didn’t bring dinner with us, we would have to drive 30 minutes home, eat, and then turn around and drive 30 minutes back out to town and then go back home. So….leftovers in the office it was  :)

We ate some of the leftover ww gnocchi/chard/white bean meal from Sunday night.


Yum – these leftovers had even more flavor tonight!


We had about an hour to burn before heading over to their house, so we went to a bookstore to look around and got some snacks. I didn’t want any actual food, but my stomach wasn’t filled yet, so I got a fat free steamer with some sugar free amaretto syrup in it.



I have to say – I haven’t had splenda/artificial sweeteners in a while, and my stomach is all bubbly! Do you think it’s from that?


Now that we’re home, I’m snacking on some popcorn with olive oil and salt, blogging, and watching AI. I’m having a super hungry day for some reason.




Today has been a loooooong, hard day – I’m going to sit here, relax, and possibly look through my new ww magazine that showed up today.


cartoon_heart(photo courtesy of Greta Yorsh)

I’m so excited about starting a heart health series on Bran Appetit! I’m starting to get my ideas together and I hope to have the first part posted sometime in the next week. If there’s anything in particular you’re interested in (general heart health, heart healthy meals, exercise, etc), let me know and I’ll try my best to incorporate it into the series!

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  1. Oh wow, love your eats! And that disney sucker is too cute! =D

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