Easy Spicy Dinner

After doing some prep work for this week’s lunches, I started on dinner. Nick came home a bit early, so dinner was earlier than normal – which was great, because I was starving!


I made Curried Lentils from Heather’s site, plus some kale cooked with onion, ginger, and the same spices.



I was planning on making brown jasmine rice to have with dinner, but that got switched to barley. I wanted to make a barley/fruit/chicken salad for lunches this week, so I cooked the barley and got the rest of it mixed up…..and then decided to just leave the barley out so Nick could use some chicken salad for lunches, too.



Barley already made? or jasmine rice which takes 40 minutes to cook?  Easy choice  :)


This meal was so good and so spicy! Plus, I felt good knowing there were so many superfoods in this meal!:

  • ginger
  • lentils
  • tomatoes
  • turmeric
  • kale
  • curry


Thanks for all the notes earlier  –  I really appreciate it.


See you for breakfast – I am excited for that!


  1. wow your dinner looks delicious – i love anything with spices so this would be definitely something i would love!!!!! and all the superfoods is just the icing on the cake!

  2. Omg that dinner looks delish. And packed with healthy goodness!

  3. curried lentils sound awesome!

  4. Your dinner looks so colorful and tasty! Way to go with all the superfoods!

  5. Oh my gosh, dinner is so beautiful!

  6. wooow. That looks SOOO yummy.

  7. Those lentils look so good, and I always love kale. I’ve been making lots of curried dishes lately as a way to stay warm! I am ready for spring.

    I’m going to have to curry some lentils soon!

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