Quick Fix Meal

Hooray for being home!


I love visiting our families,  but it’s so nice when we get home, too.


After we unpacked the car, I started on dinner.


I planned on making this meal last week, but never needed to so I decided to save it for a nice, quick, easy meal tonight since I knew we would be traveling back home.


Skillet Gnocchi with Chard and White Beans




This meal was so good and so fast!


My modifications were:

– whole wheat gnocchi

– red chard

– no cheese, since we were out.





I think I would use even more chard next time!


I’m glad I saved the ingredients to make this – it made dinner so easy tonight.


I just finished unpacking my suitcase and am planning on making popcorn in a bit and watching a little Food Network  :)


I hope you’ve all had a great weekend!


Do you have tomorrow off?


  1. Fabulous meal!!

    I don’t have tomorrow off :-(

    HOORAY FOR FOOD NETWORK!! Ultimate Recipe Showdown is on – whoo hoo!!

  2. Oh yes to being with family. And love Food Network!

  3. mmmmm din looks so good!

    i have tomorrow off, yayyyyyy!!! it’s going to be all about the hw though …

  4. unfortunately i have to work :( boooooo!

    gnocchi is such a great comfort food!

  5. Gorgeous meal, Bran!

    I am at work :(

  6. I’m currently at work, I’m so jealous that a lot of people have off!
    Your dinner looks absolutely delicious!

  7. ive never tried gnochi. and i just bought a pack from tjs, ill be making it next week! youre looks great!!

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  9. Thanks for information…..

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