Day of Sweets

Whew!  What a weekend so far!


Sorry I don’t have many pictures from this weekend, but I do have the ones that matter  :)


Today was a lot of fun, but really busy!  Nick’s parents are remodeling their kitchen so the boys were tearing up the kitchen floor today while the girls shopped – predictable? Maybe a little.

We got to go to the awesome Amish market here, and I got a lot of good food items, which I’m sure you’ll see soon.


Tonight, for our Valentine’s Day celebration, we went to a dinner at Nick’s parents church and watched the movie Fireproof. I hadn’t seen it yet, and while it had its cheesy parts (like all romantic movies), it was a really good movie.


We just got back and I may have eaten one of Beadie’s brownies with a glass of milk  :)  I needed some dairy!



One of the BEST parts of the day was when Nick gave me my Valentine’s Day gift!


I bet you’ll never guess….





um…..yeah.  A whole BOX of truffles and chocolates from The Chocolate Spike!!!!  Does he know me well or what?




I’ll give you a run down of the flavors.


Is it sad that I know what they are and I haven’t even tried all of them?  I just know from seeing them in the store  :)




Top Row: Hazelnut Creme Truffle, Milk chocolate hearts, Espresso Truffle, Cranberry Raspberry Truffle

Bottom Row: Dark Chocolate Pecan Caramel, Spikey Rum Truffle, Dark Chocolate hearts, Aztec Gold Truffle


Yum  :)


I’ll definitely have reviews of the new flavors on here soon!


I hope you’ve had a great Valentine’s Day!


  1. wow, he DOES know you well. perfect gift and happy vday!

  2. DROOL!!! He does know you well, huh??
    Happy V-Day!

  3. LOOOOVE all the goodies!! :-D

  4. What a lovely chocolate filled post!!

  5. Those truffles look like they are to die for…

  6. The Chocolate Spike’s items look so awesome! Great gift!

  7. And I added you to my blogroll :)

  8. nothing beats chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!! what an amazing gift ;)

  9. You lucky girl! Those truffles look so amazing!

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