Welcome Back, Grill Master

First – I think I am done working on my presentation!  I’m about as ready as I can be, so let’s hope it goes well tomorrow  :)  Any luck you can send me would be great!


I was so antsy today at work and couldn’t concentrate. I was really happy I packed a snack to keep me occupied.




0% fage, pom, and some TJ’s high fiber cereal with the dried fruit and nuts in it. A great mix, indeed.


Check out these awesome spoon/fork/knife things Nick and I got!  I was so tired of buying plastic silverware just to throw it away, but these are perfect!




I have the green, he has the blue.


We were planning on running tonight after work, but I knew I needed to finish my presentation AND practice it tonight, so we skipped the run. I’m sad, but I know I’ll be happier about it tomorrow when I’m giving the presentation.


Nick finally got to use his Grill Master skills tonight – it’s been so long since we’ve cooked anything on the grill. I was so happy the weather cooperated for our dinner tonight, because it was amazing.





Check out those grill marks!





We both had a salad to start and get some green!  Mine had romaine, carrot, tomato, and 1/2 Tbsp real ranch dressing. You just can’t beat it.





Plus steak!, my leftover veggies from lunch, and some barley/brown rice pilaf. I ate a little less than half of my steak, and saved the rest so he can have steak and eggs in the morning.





Since I’m done working on my presentation for tonight, I’m going to finish some laundry, catch up on blogs, and get ready for THE OFFICE – I hope you’re watching tonight! It’s going to be a good one  :)


Is there a meal you have in the spring or summer you can’t wait for?


We love to grill, and Nick has probably missed it more than I have!  We use it a lot when the weather is nice – I can’t wait to really start using it again! I’ll eat just about anything off the grill.


  1. You just ate my favorite summer meal! A perfectly grilled steak, green salad, fresh tomatoes…mmm!

  2. Hooray for finishing work on your presentation!! :-D

  3. Good luck on your presentation!! I love that TJs cereal so much, it’s delish!

    Hell yes to the Office =]

    I cannot wait for watermelons! Nothing like fresh watermelon to let me know summer’s coming

  4. woah thats the coolest spoon fork/knife thing!
    my favorite summer meal is mussles. my dad is a great cook and we get mussels fresh in the summer–they’re amazing!

  5. OMG i love your spoon/fork/knife!

  6. Yay for finishing your presentation!

    My favorite summer meal is either grilled chicken or brats on the grill. There is just something that screams summer to me!

  7. So excited for the Office!!!

    I’m looking forward to gazpacho. It’s a really refreshing summer dish.

  8. summer meal = lobster and grilled veggies!

    sending luck in 3 … 2 … 1 …

  9. Good luck on your presentation, Brandi! I’m sure you’re going to rock it!

    I love your snack…I’ve been missing pom seeds!

  10. Good luck!

    And whoa, that fork/knife thingy is soooo cool! LOL!!

  11. I miss SMOOTHIES!!! can’t wait for summer!

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