Special Delivery and Review #3

Woohoo, I LOVE getting real mail!!!

First, my Valentine’s Day Secret Blogger Package, and now my share of the tea prize from the BSI Date contest that Sarah held a week ago.


Look how cute the little package of tea is!  Thanks so much, Sarah! I can’t wait to try it.



Now…for another review of what is quickly becoming my favorite place.


Since I had to go get Sarah’s BSI prize the other day, I decided to try another truffle from The Chocolate Spike.

This one is called the Spikey Rum Truffle and is a dark chocolate truffle with a hint of rum. The outside is completely covered with roasted cocoa nibs.


I have a feeling I’ll try every one of their confections pretty soon – it’s hard to resist!

What’s your favorite decadent treat?



  2. You will love that sugar cookie tea!! And that truffle looks sooo good right now…

  3. that truffle looks divine! every once in awhile it’s fun to have a cup of tea or coffee with a biiiiig cookie :-) (my favorites are ginger and chocolate chip!)

  4. WHOA that look amazing! I want a bite of that truffle!

  5. mmmmmm, yes, i agree about tea and cookies.
    you have to stop talking about chocolate spike, haha!! every single day, i’m like, are they here yet? are they here yet? that place looks amazing!

  6. Mmm that truffle looks absolutely perfect :)

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