Clumsy + Chocolate = Not a Good Match

I’m such a mess!


I do NOT have pictures of this, but I will tell you the story  :)


One of my coworkers bought a box of mixed candies from The Chocolate Spike, and invited us all to our little conference room to share them with him – score!  So, we cut most of them into pieces so we could all try the different flavors, and I guess a little piece of chocolate fell onto my pants. No biggie, right? Too bad I didn’t notice until I stood up to leave the room. It fell right where my legs were crossed (another reason not to cross my legs, Caitlin?), and kind of melted into my khakis.  I can’t believe it – it’s a good thing my office is pretty small and we joke around together all the time – it was pretty funny!


Oh – and I got to try the Mango Lime truffle Sarah!!! You’re going to love it – great choice.


Since I participated in the amazing chocolate fest this afternoon, I didn’t eat my planned snack.


Nick and I went to BodyPump tonight and it was packed!  We were hoping there would be less of a crowd tonight because there was a Tech basketball game, but I think it was even more crowded than last time. It was a good class though, and a good workout.


Dinner was leftovers of my one-pot wonder, plus some steamed broccoli.





As soon as I finish blogging, I’m off to work on a presentation I have on Friday and then watching LOST …. probably with a bowl of popcorn  :)


Do you watch LOST? Do you like this season so far?


  1. Ahh, so sorry about the melted chocolate!!

    Good luck working on your presentation!!


  2. Eeek melted chocolate! LOL!
    Hope all goes wel tomorrow!!

  3. i totally had that happen the other day on the airboat in my gray pants…chocolate melted in that spot. wonderful…hahaha

    • I guess the only good thing was that it wasn’t on my butt! :) That would have been a bit more embarrassing.

  4. ahhhhh, i do stuff like that all the time!
    and thanks for the mango-lime teaser. i’m sooooo chomping at the bit for my chocolates to arrive :-)
    good luck getting ready for your presentation!

  5. Oh no! That stinks. At least your coworkers are laid back enough that you weren’t really self-conscious about it!

    I don’t watch Lost but I’m a big JJ Abrams fan. I used to be addicted to Alias, another of his shows.

  6. Sorry about the chocolate mishap! sounds like something I would do. I have a proclivity for dropping things IN my clothes. Very bad.
    I am a LOST convert, I got caught up last year and love them. I love the new season! It seems like there are finally some answers.

  7. OMG I’d totally do that with the chocolate… I can’t even wear light colors because I spill!

  8. haha, well at least you can laugh about it.

    I love Lost. I know people get annoyed with it, but I never do. I love every second.

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