Buzzin' for Food

Did you notice anything new?

No…not a new haircut.

Not a new shirt, sadly.

I’m now a Featured Publisher for FoodBuzz!!!  I am so excited about this – I love FoodBuzz! I love that you can find tons of stuff on their site just about food and other foodies and restaurants…it’s like my dream come true.


Breakfast today was good, as usual.

I try to make my eggs look good in the pictures….it’s hard since the eggs are white, on top of white grits, in a white bowl….


At least they taste good  :)

A big bowl of kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries


and some milk, which I apparently did not take a picture of!

I’m so glad today is humpday already! I only work one more day this week, so today is actually my Thursday! I have something kind of exciting on Friday (which I won’t explain yet) but I’m super excited and nervous and ready for it be here already!

There may also be a special blogger something happening on Friday that I am even MORE excited about!!! But you’ll have to wait to find out  :)

Lunch today is the last of my black bean burgers with some steamed broccoli  and the last of my corn soup. Sad to see it go, but it sure does hold me over well!



Plus an apple to round out my meal.


Plan for today?

  • snack later
  • BodyPump
  • Dinner
  • Work on project for Friday

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  1. Hooray!! Find me on Foodbuzz, please :-)

  2. yay for foodbuzz! i just became a featured publisher too :)

  3. Congrats on the Featured Publisher! :)

  4. Hurray for Foodbuzz! Congrats on becoming a FP :) It’s so much fun!

  5. Yay for joining Foodbuzz. I’m on there as well.

    I’ve got a giveaway going on for the same sauce until 6 pm tnight…2 bottles are up for grabs!

  6. Congrats on FoodBuzz!!

    They’ll send you the cutest little cards with your URL on it!

  7. Congratulations on Foodbuzz!!

  8. Congrats on FB!!! THats awesome!

  9. i noticed the fb!! congrats :-). your fruit looks sooooooooo good.

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