Secret Cupid Strikes!

So…Mondays are Mondays are Mondays. Monday was such a LONG day at work, and I was happy to be home.


But I was even HAPPIER when I opened my mailbox to find this!!!





I think I *actually* squealed when I opened the mailbox  :)


My secret cupid (courtesy of Lee!!!) was Eliza, from A Plus Eating and she made the most PERFECT box of goodies for me!




I got:

* a cute handwritten Valentine from Eliza  :)

* Winter Fitness Runner’s Magazine!

* 2, count ’em 2, LARABARS!!! Apple Pie, and Cherry Pie (both of which I have not tried!)

* a Blueberry Zbar – my favorite!

* 2 chocolate hearts 

* an awesome looking chocolate bar that’s dark chocolate with raspberries and rosehips!

* Red Zinger tea

* and a cinnamon almond scented candle – Eliza, I could smell this THROUGH the box, and it smells amazing!











Thank you so much, Eliza!!!


And thanks Lee for setting up the Valentine’s Day Blogger Exchange!!



Don’t forget to go see Mara today for this week’s BSI Annoucement!



  2. Hoooray for secret cupid!!

  3. What a great package!
    Eliza picked out some wonderful gifts.

  4. yayyyy, this secret cupid thing was such an ingenious idea! so fun to see what everyone gets.

  5. Wow that is so awesome!!! How did I not see this fun game??? :P


  6. AW i’m so glad you liked it! i actually was so excited to buy goodies that i went shopping before you put of the list of your faves so i was kind of worried you wouldn’t like it. i’m so glad it worked out though!

  7. what an awesome package! love everything in it :)

  8. ah, what a great secret cupid!!!

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