Just One Post Away…

I honestly wish I could pick EVERY. SINGLE. BSI entry to win!!!  They are all so creative and accessible!

I can’t wait to finalize and announce the winner tonight!

But first, lunch – before I have to get back to work   :)

Leftover whole wheat couscous topped with a veggie burger


Some green beans


An apple


and for dessert?

2 mini dark chocolate Toblerone that Nick packed in his lunch for me  :)


These 2 were only 64 calories (total!) – that’s low points for any WW people reading this!

Overall, it was a good lunch!

Protein – check!

Whole grains – check!

veggie – check!

fruit – check!

dark chocolate – check!

See you later for the BSI WINNER!!!

PLEASE stop by Meghann’s blog and bid on an awesome baked good!  The proceeds will go to her Team in Training fundraising efforts! There are some really good looking baked goods donated by readers and other bloggers!

ALSO – Zestycook is having a really cool giveaway!  Make sure to stop by and enter  :)


  1. I don’t envy you having to choose between all the recipes. I’m sure they’re great. Plus spinach is such a great ingredient in most dishes!

  2. 2 mini dark chocolate Toblerone – WHAT?? I didn’t knowthey made those! I need to find them stat!

    Good luck picking tonight!

  3. I love Toblerone!!!!!!

  4. Dark chocolate is always a necessary food group!

  5. i need to find those dark chocolate toblerone!! sounds fabulous :)

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