Savoring Saturday

Today is Beautiful!!!


This morning was pretty busy – I went to my monthly weight in for WW, finished getting groceries, and then had my hair trimmed.


Since I was kind of on the run this morning, I had a portable breakfast! 


A banana




A hard boiled egg




And a fat free peppermint mocha – yum  :)





I got home from running errands and checked my email before Nick and I got lunch. Today, we went across the street to Tangent Outfitters and got some sandwiches from their deli.


I love their wheatberry bread! I always get my sandwiches on it.




This sandwich had:

*wheatberry bread, toasted






*red onion



Plus some leftover pan roasted broccoli and a pickle.


Since it is SO nice here today (clear, blue sky, and in the 60s!!!), we went to a park here on the river. Nick brought his fishing pole, and I brought a chair and a book. It was so nice to be outside without a coat!




All the grass is still dead, but the river and sky made up for it  :)


Here’s where I sat – right in the sunshine!




I started this book I bought over Christmas, and I love it already!




What a great afternoon!  It makes me really excited for Spring!


I’m off to work on laundry and maybe clean a little bit  – I can’t wait for dinner!  It’s gonna be a good one  :)


  1. Yes. what a relaxing afternoon!
    And love your sandwich!!

  2. What a fantastic day!!

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