My Food, His Food, Their Food

Even with all the heater stuff, today was a good day.


After running some errands, Nick and I went running outside. For a few minutes near the end of our run, we were running right beside a train going the opposite way! We’ve run this route a lot, but have never been running it when a train was going by  – it was pretty neat.


We got back home, took quick showers, then headed to one of my favorite places around here: The New River Grille


I got my usual: Buffalo Burger (so good and so lean!) with their onion rings. They are seriously the best onion rings I’ve ever had. I have never ordered anything else off the menu – this is what I always get, and they pretty much know my order now  :)




Nick asked if I wanted to take a picture of his meal, so here it is:




He got the Buffalo Quesadilla with onion rings. Look at those layers! It’s like a burger, but grilled inbetween tortillas. Yum!


I’m back home now and just had this for a snack – I realized I didn’t have any milk today, except for a little in my coffee this morning!







I know this probably isn’t the most nutritious stuff, BUT it doesn’t have HFCS or trans fats, and sometimes I just need chocolate milk!  This is the best tasting, somewhat healthy chocolate milk mix in I’ve found.


So we’ve gone over my food and his food. Where is “their food”, you ask? 

When I got back tonight, I checked my email and had one from my dad – he sent me a picture of the pizza my mom made for them tonight and asked if it was “blog worthy”  :)  Of course it is!


Here’s their pizza – on a wheat crust my mom made.  It looks great!





Your first blog picture, Mom and Dad!!!  :)  The pizza looks like it turned out really good!



Don’t forget to check out all the BSI submissions so far on my announcement page! I’ve received some great recipes so far – it’s going to be so hard to choose a winner! Remember: Deadline is Sunday – as long as I have a comment/email before midnight that night, that will be fine. 


Winner will be announced Monday! 



Glad Friday is over – are you ready for the weekend? Any fun plans?


  1. Such delicious eats! I want those awesome onion rings! And I grew up with Nesquik, love that stuff!

    Pizza looks scrumptious!

  2. wow, that quesadilla is crazy. and now i desperately need onion rings!!

    your parents are so cute with their pizza submission :-)

  3. We had a hot water heater replacement today! The guy told us our old, leaking one was the worst he’d ever seen. Eep!

    That pizza looks great! How cute are your parents?! I got a text the other day and it was a photo message from my dad. He had taken a pic of his breakfast with his cell phone and sent it to mine – I had no clue he even knew how to do that! haha Parents are so cute sometimes.

  4. Great job on getting out there with the train :) Once again your food looks faaaaaabulous. I enjoyed this post.

  5. The pizza was great, wheat crust with canadian bacon and pineapple, still down 20 going for 30, by the way thanks for the treat for hitting 20.

    Love Ya
    M & D

    • Thanks everyone! Hi Christina!! That’s funny about the text :)

      Dad – you’ll be there before you know it!

  6. Glad your day still went well – I’m praying that the heater issues are resolved a.s.a.p.!!

  7. Sheesh, Bran, now I want onion rings!!!

    OH and I just saw your pic in a certain national magazine!

  8. Everything looks great!!!

    I am so excited for the BSi, my submission is in the oven right now!

  9. Yum! that pizza looks delicious!

  10. yum the pizza looks amazing!

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