Humpity Hump

Is anyone else glad that hump day is over???  That means just 2 days until the weekend!!!!


Sorry for the lack of pictures earlier today, but I am excited about the BSI prize! I hope you are, too.


My day started great – always does when I have good, filling breakfast!  2 over easy eggs on grits





A kiwi and a few strawberries





Plus some milk!


This breakfast always holds me for a long time, which is one reason I love it.



Lunch pictures are kind of boring since they’re leftovers again, but it was tasty! Don’t worry!!! This is the LAST time you’ll see the chili mac this week  :)





Plus some green…





And some orange  :)






Remember a week or so ago when I mentioned a cookie I had but forgot to take a picture of? Well…it’s your lucky day  :)  We got some again and I remembered to take a picture before I dug in! 


This cookie is from a coffee shop here, The Easy Chair, and they are. so. good. Almost as good as a fresh one right out of the oven.





I had to have SOME kind of fuel before BodyPump  :)


Body Pump was really good – I was telling Nick on the way home that I really hate it sometimes when we’re in there and my muscles are killing me, but I always feel so great when class is over!  I can tell I’m building muscle and getting stronger and I am super excited about that!



Dinner tonight was simple and quick to make, once I got the salmon thawed.





The salmon was baked at 400 with salt and pepper for about 10 minutes, and then I topped it with a mixture of whole grain mustard and Fage 0% greek yogurt. Bake for 5 more minutes and  you’re done!


We also had some whole wheat couscous made with broth, parsley, and garlic powder and some pan cooked broccoli.


I followed the correct plate divisions tonight: 1/2 plate = fruit or veggie, 1/4 plate = whole grain, 1/4 plate = protein. Done and yummy  :)



LOST just came on!!!  Hope you’re watching!


  1. Oh wow, such tasty eats. Love the mac chili though!!!
    And mmm… cookie!

  2. perfectly portioned beautiful dinner … and that cooking is literally leaping off the screen!

  3. Wow, your breakfast looks soooo good. Those eggs! Yum!

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…that ALL looks great! Especially your pre-workout “fuel”. Haha! What’s a workout for if not to give us a little peace of mind about chocolate chip cookie consumption?

  5. I love your salmon idea! I just made some earlier this week, and your recipe seems much simpler, but equally tasty. Yum! :)

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