BSI Prize Announcement!

First, make sure to email me your recipe submissions!  The deadline is Sunday, 2/8! You can check out the submitted recipes on the announcement post here.

In leiu of a breakfast / lunch post right now (work is too busy, unfortunately), I am quickly posting the prize I’ve selected  :)

As long as the winner likes these and has no allergies that conflict with the prize, I will be sending the winner their choice of 4 items from The Chocolate Spike!

They have:
–    truffles
–    fudge
–    nut clusters
–    chocolate dipped fruit
–    plus some vegan choices, I believe

I’ve done 2 reviews of them so far (here and here), and my header picture is their Lavender Berry Truffle.

I don’t believe they have every flavor listed on their website, but you can check it out to see what they do have!

Happy Hump Day!  I’ll be back later for a marathon post of the day  :)


  1. Wow, that is an awesome prize!!

  2. oh man, i’m SO going to fight for that prize, haha!

  3. That IS an awesome prize!!!

  4. ooooh this is great motivation to come up with something good!

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