Unexpected Dinner

I’m so glad to hear that people are excited about this week’s ingredient!  I can’t wait to see all the recipes :)


Today was pretty good, but busy and a little crazy – all is good, though!



Lunch today was some of the leftover chili mac – it was just as good today  :)  I love good leftovers!





A mix of green and yellow wax beans and peas





AND a clementine  – you’re not surprised, are you?  :)





I’m so glad work wasn’t like it was yesterday – it was much calmer and didn’t frustrate me!  I can’t handle days like that in a row, so today was much nicer.


After work, Nick and I went to the gym to go running and we walked right up to the treadmills!  No waiting around, which was so nice. I ran for about 27 minutes and it went by fast today! I  wish every day on the treadmill was like today. It seems to get a little less boring each time – it’s just hard to get used to it compared to running outside, I guess.


On the way home, Nick suggested going to The New River Grille, which is the place with my favorite onion rings. Of course, that automatically made me not want to cook tonight.

Quick change of plans, though!  Nick suggested a new restaurant that was supposed to have opened soon, so I looked it up online and it was! 


Dinner was then changed to The Palisades










To start, I got a side salad – it was a normal salad, but good to me because I was hungry and needed some more veggies! The little radish slices looked cool.





For our main meal, we decided to try one of their pizzas. We got the BBQ Chicken Pizza on their Honey Wheat crust – it was really good! 





It was a smaller pizza, probably a little less than the size of a “medium” at most places, but I really liked how small the slices were!  I felt like I could eat “more” without really eating too much, you know?  It’s kind of crazy how weird our minds are sometimes.


This is one of my slices right beside my fork so you can see the size comparison  :)





I had about the equivalent of 1.5 “normal” slices of pizza.


And…..then we saw the dessert menu and could NOT turn down the homemade truffles!





These were so good and the perfect ending to the meal.


We split each one in half so we could each try all 4 flavors!  They were small, but so rich and decadent.



Keep those recipes coming!


  1. that pizza looks like the best pizza i’ve ever seen from a restaurant. the crust sounds delish – yummy!!!!!!

  2. I would have skipped dinner and gone straight for the truffles! Hehe. Love your blog, so glad I stumbled on it!

  3. Oh wow, that restaurant looks pretty! Love the PIZZZAAAA!!!!

  4. glad the running is going well! I want those homemade truffles–i see why you couldnt turn them down!

  5. those truffles look soooo good :) homemade even! i might have to try making some.

  6. Well, even if you put the fork there for size comparison, I am giving you major props for the art factor.

    Oh, and can we go there when we come for our hiking trip?

    • Anywhere you want! We have another place here that is a.mazing that I haven’t been to review yet – I’m hoping to, because it is awesome :)

  7. Pizza and truffles?! What a perfect meal!! I’m a huge fan of BBQ chicken pizzas in general, but that one looks fantastic!

  8. sounds like such a fun night out! that pizza looks great.

  9. Gorgeous restaurant & food!!

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