Bob's Breakfast

Bob – you better be reading this today!  Breakfast was inspired by you  :)



Breakfast today may  be something you’ve never seen or done before, but once Bob (Nick’s dad) did this and made it for us, it’s become one of my favorites!  It’s also the best thing to eat for breakfast after a race – we had it after our last 5K in October and it. was. so. good.



To start, we had coffee. :)  Nick makes the perfect cup of joe.




Isn’t this mug cute? Nick’s mom bought it for me at Kohl’s – it’s made by The Food Network and has their logo in red on the inside  :)



I mixed up a batch of Ellie Krieger’s whole wheat pancakes with a few modifications.

  • I just used all skim milk, since I didn’t have any buttermilk this time – they are really good with buttermilk, though.
  • I saved the last 2 eggs I had for a different part of breakfast  :)  So, I used about 4 tsp of canola oil in the batter instead of eggs.



The result?   Bob’s Breakfast   :)






That’s right.


2 pancakes TOPPED with an over easy egg AND pure maple syrup. I had never thought of putting these together, but it is so, so good.  I always love when maple syrup gets on my eggs, so this is just doing it on purpose!



We had a mix of banana, strawberries, and clementine on the side.


Check out these action shots!!  Nothing like a golden, runny egg yolk  :) 









What a way to start our day. 



I’m off to get groceries!


  1. Wow, yes, what a tasty way to start the day!
    Enjoy grocery shopping!

  2. YUM!!! That looks AWESOME!

  3. yea! Super good combo! Nice photos!!

  4. Hey Brannie, See some of my breakfasts are actually good, not just a snickers. Now the real art is cooking the egg to overeasy perfection and then you poke the center of the yolk and pour the maple syrup right in. Watch the yolk swell the when it starts to overflow you go ahead and put the syrup on the rest of the pancake. The sugars will just carmalize a little and it makes the perfect taste/texture sensation. Had buckwheat pancakes Sat morning with my egg right in the middle. Umm Umm good.

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