All Mixed Up

Bah! I’m finally here!!!


It feels so weird to have this post as my only post today!  I usually try to post breakfast and lunch during my lunch hour, but Nick and I went to Books a Million at lunch, so I didn’t have time to blog once I got back to work. 


I will do my best to make it a good one!



Breakfast today was a bowl of Happy McOatmeal




You know it’s going to be an okay day when your breakfast is smiling back at you! 




Just look at that cross section  – yum!  


This was a mix of:

* 1/2 cup old fashioned oats

* 1 cup water

* pinch salt

* cinnamon – a lot!  I love cinnamon

* 3/4 cup frozen mixed berries

* 1/2 sliced banana on top


The combo of tart berries and sweet banana is SO good in oatmeal. This was one of those bowls that I wish never ended  :)  Like that new IHOP commercial where his pancakes keep “refilling”? I sometimes wish my oatmeal would do that…


I also had a cup of skim milk and a hard boiled egg for some protein!







Plus a cup of coffee with skim milk at work  –  so I could function.





Today was finally a bit slower at work – we have just been slammed lately with submissions, so it was nice to be able to get my work done and not feel rushed all day. I’m glad we’re pretty much a paper-less office, but it really makes me hate my email even more! Everything we do is by email, so my inbox is constantly filling up…all. day. long. Even when I clear it out, it’s filled up again usually in less than 1/2 hour!  Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just didn’t show up for  a week at work…



Lunch was pretty much the same as yesterday – chicken chili with avocado, veggies and clementines. Yum! but sorry for the re-runs  :) 











One of the clementines had a few bad pieces, so it kinda ruined it. I didn’t eat the other one because I was scared it wouldn’t be good either. Isn’t that a little ridiculous? I did bring it home, though.


I had one snack that I won’t mention now – only because I’ll be doing another review soon and I don’t want to ruin it  :)


The snack I can report is my pure love creation –   0% greek yogurt, pom, semi sweet chocolate chips. In VeggieGirl’s words – Holy Yum!




This is best snack!  It’s the perfect combination of creamy, crunchy, tart, and sweet. Check out the condensation on the chips from being in the fridge! 




Dinner was another re-run tonight but still so tasty! 


Salad for some greens:




And whole wheat penne, those turkey meatballs, and homemade sauce from last night!





All mixed up!






We took today off from the gym, but we’ll either be going to run at the gym tomorrow or outside, depending on the weather. Then we’ll have BodyPump on Friday!  We’re doing a little experiment and trying every time they offer it to see which day is the least crowded  :)   So far, Monday and Wednesday have been exactly the same! It’s been pretty packed in there, so we’re hoping the Friday 5:30 pm class will have a few less people since it’s the start of the weekend and everything. I guess we’ll know in 2 days. We’re also hoping some of these students will quit coming to the gym once their school work picks up – then we won’t have to fight for the treadmills, either!



So, for something a bit more interesting than my leftovers…


I found this pretty good article today about Nine Nutrition Essentials for 2009 – I love that it also has links to Cooking Light recipes that deal with the nutrition tips!


This quote from the section on “Save Room for Treats” is a great one: 

Food is meant to be pleasurable, and part of the pleasure is treating yourself


I definitely think we have to find our balance between eating healthy and treating ourselves, and that’s a hard thing to do. It’s so easy for me to convince myself that I deserve a dessert because I ate well that day or because I worked out. And maybe I did.


But I also need to take into consideration whether I’m actually hungry, if it’s something I really, truly want….or if it’s just the  idea of “dessert”  that is tempting me.



If you learn anything about me from this blog it will probably be this: I. love. sweets.




Always have, always will.  If there was a chocoholics/sweets anonymous, I would probably need to join. Most of my baby pictures are of me with some sort of chocolatey mess or cake smeared all over my hands and face. And I love it  :)


I love good, quality chocolates and probably some of the worst!  Those stupid Cadbury mini eggs at Easter are some of my favorites. And Jelly Bellys.


It is really hard for me to turn down a dessert, but I have been trying to not eat something if it’s really not that great. Sometimes those work cakes or conference sweets are hard to say no to, but honestly, they don’t taste that great in the first place.


If I’m going to have dessert, I want something that I truly enjoy in every sense possible. I want pure decadence  – nothing that’s just “eh”.


I want to boycot eating something that isn’t pleasurable. In honor of Tina’s post earlier today, I want to say YES to treating myself, and treating myself WELL. If that means eating an awesome dessert every day, so be it. If it means I’ll quit eating something if it’s not that good after a bite or two, I want to be able to do that.



Because I’m worth it to eat what I want, what I like, and what makes me feel good. We’re all worth it.

And most of the time…..that involves chocolate  :)   At least for me!



I hope you’re getting ready for LOST!!!


  1. AAH! I love your post!!! You’re right… life is too short to eat things that don’t make you feel good!

  2. I think you’re completely right. Can’t agree with you more.
    And chocolate chips in yogurt? That is one sweet idea!

  3. OK, is it just me or is this was we were JUST talking about on email. Crazy.

    Awesome post.

    • Beadie: You’re right :) Our emails gave me a good idea, on top of that article!

      Thanks Sharon and Mara!

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