A Yoga Kind of Night

Ahhhh……………….yoga was great!  I felt so relaxed after class was over. My whole body just felt longer, taller, and completely free of stress. This was so nice to have on a Monday night.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be joining the class for good; I have some money saved up from graduation that I’m thinking of  putting towards the class. I can never make it to the yoga classes at our gym, and I like the audio ones,  but I really like actually being in a class sometimes, too. This class is $55 for 6 classes – does that sound reasonable? I’ve never just taken classes like this before, but it sounds pretty good to me.

Yoga was from 6:15 – 7:45, so dinner didn’t happen until around 8:15 or so. Nick made this while I was at yoga, and we ate when I got back.

Chicken Barley Chili (recipe on back of Quaker Quick-Cooking Barley Box)   :)


This used about 3 cups of leftover roasted chicken from last night and everything else is from a can, except the barley. Super easy, super fast, and super good  :)

I also had one of my crescent rolls with dinner – so doughy!!!  I love these.


Add on a BIG cup of water, and you’ve got a good after yoga dinner. Not too much, but I’m satisfied.

Now I’m just waiting on this to steep while winding down for the night…


Hope your Monday was a good one!


  1. I want to do yoga so bad with my wife. I just can’t seem to squeeze it into my schedule. You are blessed to be able to go. I love it and sometimes do it at home on a video.

  2. That’s definitely a good deal on yoga — anything around $10/class is pretty reasonable! I love the long, tall feeling you get from it :-)

    • Fit:

      Thanks – We don’t have any fancy schmancy studios around here, so I have no idea what a good price is :)

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