Orange you glad to see me?

A BIG Thanks to my friend, Mara, for my new header!!!  Do you like it?  I love it!


Just be prepared – this post is going to be long   :)


I didn’t have time to blog breakfast before leaving for church, and then the afternoon flew by, so you’ll get all 3 meals in one post!  Although it stinks having to do a huge post at the end of the day, this may be the best choice for me on Sundays. We usually eat breakfast pretty close to when we leave in the morning, but I could try combining bfast/lunch together. We’ll see how the next couple of weeks go, I guess!



FIRST – Sharon was right  :)  The mystery treats last night were cookies!  They were these macaroons from last month’s SELF magazine (recipe here)


These were pretty easy to make and SO good! AND low in calories, which is a plus. I got 50 out of the recipe. I loved how light they were, and the coconut flavor is just amazing. The chocolate drizzle stuff never really hardened on ours, but it may have been the kind of chocolate I used?  They are still tasty, though. You may see them in some oatmeal this week…







Back to today!


The color of today is apparently ORANGE


Breakfast was pumpkinand banana oatmeal with TJ’s Nuts about Chocolate trail mix – chocolate chips saved for the top   :)





I mean….how could you not want to eat this?





All that melty goodness held me all morning long.



For lunch, more orange!  I baked a butternut squash (cut in half, seeds taken out) at 425 for 45 minutes. When that was almost done, I cooked some lean ground turkey in a pan, added some oregano, garlic, and tomato sauce, and used that mixture to stuff the cooked squash.  Topped with some soy parmesan and peas on the side.






While the squash was baking, I ran an errand and found some razors 75% off at Rite Aid!  That is just about unheard of!  They had packs of 8 razor blades for the Venus razors on sale for $5, so I bought 2 packs of those – they were normally $22, which is also ridiculous. I hate buying razors – they’re always so expensive. As soon as I saw those on super sale, I knew I needed to get them to save some angry shopping trip later  :)


After lunch, we watched a movie and laid around while doing laundry. Around 4 pm, we got up to wash and put our other set of dishes away, and then we went for a 30 minute run outside. It was a little chilly today, but I felt great while running. Having a headband and gloves make such a difference in keeping me warm! I wish we would have gone longer, but we were already back home. I need to just make myself go longer on the days I’m feeling good. Do you make yourself go longer (when running, walking, working out in any other way) than you planned if you’re feeling good?




My dinner tonight was SO good, but took so long to cook.  

Apparently, I decided to try to be a domestic goddess – at least it turned out well! I don’t think I can do this every week, though.


Roasters were on sale this week, so I knew I needed to roast this chicken tonight to have leftovers for dinner tomorrow.


This was roasted with a cut up lemon and onion inside the chicken, and it had olive oil and rosemary, garlic, and salt on the outside. I roasted for 30 minutes at 400, then basted with lemon juice and baked for about 1 – 1:30 more hours at 350, basting every half hour.





In between basting, I dusted, cleaned the bathroom, and Nick and I vacuumed the house.  I also worked on packing my lunch for tomorrow, too, so it’s all done!  While the chicken was cooking, I prepped veggies and de-seeded a pomegranate for this week. It feels good to have all of this stuff done now  :)


I also decided this afternoon to make these:




Crazy? Maybe a little. I just really wanted some good bread or rolls with dinner, and this recipe sounded easy enough.


This was my first time making homemade crescent rolls, and they turned out great and super doughy. I used a Honey Wheat Crescent Roll recipe from this cookbook. I will definitely make these again – they had such great flavor and were so much thicker and doughy-er than those Pillsbury ones out of the can. Sorry dough-boy…these win, hands down!


We also had a side salad (with carrots, mushrooms, tomato, and romaine) and a brown rice/barley pilaf (topped with a little olive oil) with the chicken.









I’m so happy this meal turned out well  –  I’m always a little scared when I’m baking breads that involve yeast because I don’t do it very often. 


I’m pretty tuckered out from running around, but I got everything done on my list for today!  There’s usually always a few things that I put off until Monday, but I’m happy I got all my stuff done, house cleaned, and lunch packed. Whew!


I think I’m about to have a big, cold glass of milk and wait until Iron Chef is on   :)


I hope you had a great weekend!


  1. First off, love the header! It’s awesome! And score, those cookies are looking oh-so tasty! Yum!

    I really need to get some oat toppings so I can enjoy a bowl of oatmeal. I haven’t had a bowl in a while!

    I love Iron Chef! Iron Chef America is funny – I heart Alton Brown. And the Japanese version is always so cool!

  2. i like your slogan! and bread scares me, too!

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