Breakfast in Purgatory

After debating what we wanted for breakfast, we decided on this:


Eggs in Purgatory, which are basically eggs poached in pasta sauce. Except we normally don’t have pasta sauce laying around, so we poach them in salsa. Yum!




 On top of grits with some ff cheese mixed in.  Yummmm….


Plus a mix of fruit and some lean turkey sausage





and, of course….a cup of awesome coffee, courtesy of Nick. He is quite the coffee master now! 





I’m working on a second cup of coffee right now before heading out.


We’re off to Roanoke for the day to meet up with Nick’s parents and do a dish swap, some shopping, and just have a good time visiting  :)



Congrats to Meghann, Caitlin, Melissa, and Gina!!! They all ran in the Seasons 52 5.2K today!  Check out their blogs for more pics/info about the race!  I love how they think 40 degrees is cold  :)  You girls did awesome!


  1. Oh wow, tasty tasty breakfast! And salsa? Awesome!

  2. The name of that egg dish cracks me up!! It looks awesome… I probably would’ve used it as an excuse to have guacamole!

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