Just What the Doctor Ordered

Since I couldn’t eat after 10 pm last night, I was starving by the time I got to the doctor’s office this morning. I picked up some breakfast before going into the office so I would have something to eat.

This little coffee place near us, The Easy Chair, makes really good bagel sandwiches, so I got a “Hammich”: Egg, Ham, and Cheese on a whole wheat bagel.


It’s actually smaller than it looks – they don’t use use those huge bagels, thank goodness!  This is the perfect amount.

I also had a fat free peppermint mocha (aka, my favorite thing ever), with just half the amount of syrup they normally put in.


And a banana for some fruit!


Work has been busy today, which made the morning go by pretty quickly.

I ran a few errands at lunch before sitting down to eat.  I made some chicken salad earlier this week, but haven’t had any since I was trying to eat some of our leftovers. I’m excited about it today!

Curry Chicken Salad Wrap


The chicken salad is a mix of:

  • rotisserie chicken breast, diced
  • green grapes, halved
  • curry powder
  • salt
  • green onions
  • ff plain yogurt


I’m also having the rest of my steamed veggies from yesterday and some strawberries/clementines.



Balanced meal = Happy belly   :)

Back to the grind!

It’s FRIDAY!!!!


  1. Hammich looks amazingly yummy! Love it!
    Enjoy your Friday!!

  2. Loving all the fruits and steamed vegetables!! Holy yum :-)

    Happy Friday!!

  3. I know I am not supposed to be jealous or envious, but that food looks so much more fun and yummy than my food does. I would appreciate it if you just did a mail delivery to my house at………

    THanks for your awesome comment on my blog. It is an honor that you asked me to be on your blog roll. Good for it.

    And oh ya, thanks again for the great comment. Getting that comment made me KNOW that there is great people out there.

  4. Just saw your comment on my blog – thanks for stopping by :) This egg/ham sammy looks amazing.

  5. That breakfast sammie looks great!


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