Oh…the island will give us a sign!

I am SO excited that LOST starts up again tonight!!! This is one of our favorite shows – I hate that they wait until January to start the season, but I do like that it’s pretty much a new episode every week until May.

Breakfast this morning was really good and just what I wanted.

2 over easy eggs over grits


1 kiwi and 5 strawberries


skim milk


plus, a mug of coffee once I got to work.

Work is work – busy morning clearing through submissions and emails. I got a lot done, so I’m happy about that.

I was pretty excited for lunch today, too!  We had some leftover fat free refried beans in the fridge, so I wrapped about ½ cup in a La Tortilla wrap (the 50 calorie ones) with a slice of fat free cheese and some hot sauce.


I had a salad with romaine, diced tomato, diced avocado, and a little olive oil on the side.


And 2 clementines.


These are so good right now!  Every single one has been perfect – I’m always sad when they’re gone.

We have a meeting with our entire department this afternoon to go over a survey and probably all the budget stuff going on with the state and the school. I’m hoping they’ll have stuff for hot tea – it’s usually freezing in that building.

We’re going to the gym after work to run on the dreadmills, then home for dinner and LOST!

I’ll have a review post tonight for the mystery dinner and some musings on something I read this morning.


  1. I do not watch Lost but I am thinking of ordering on BLockbuster and catch up.

    Hooray for clementines!

  2. Oh wow, delicious, delicious eats! Everything is super colorful!

  3. Thanks Sharon! :)

    Beadie – you should watch it!

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