Nothing a Big Breakfast Can't Fix

Man…what an interesting night last night.


Our friend, Gareth, stayed the night with us last night. We all stayed up till around 11:30 or so before heading to bed. Around 5 am, Nick woke up and told me that we lost power! Not so fun since it got down into single digits last night – we were up at 5:30 trying to get our gas heater lit. We couldn’t get it on, so we went back to bed for about an hour and then Nick tried again. Thankfully, he got it lit and it started to heat up our den pretty well. The power came back on around 8 am – I’m happy about that, because it’s only supposed to be 20 degrees all day today!


Since our breakfast plans for home were derailed, we went to a little diner in downtown Blacksburg this morning. They have awesome greasy diner food; something you need every now and then. I don’t have any pictures though – I brought my camera with me, but we were so wrapped up in our conversation that I completely forgot to take it out of my purse!  I know I’ll get better about it once I get used to having my camera with me.


I had the Joe’s Breakfast special, which was 2 over easy eggs with plain grits, a few pieces of bacon, and one of their awesome biscuits. I’m about to have a piece of fruit, check up on blogs, then start on the rest of my laundry.

Enjoy your Saturday! Lunch will be late, but I’ll have pics of that and dinner later!


  1. Crazy about the power outage, we have that happening in our area, too. Thanfully, not our house but our heat pump is not hanging very well.

  2. hey there! will you shoot me an email at describing your recent heart diagnosis and i’ll talk to husband about your specific issue? thanks!

  3. we are looking for something for supper what did you eat today??????


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