From my head down to my legs…



Does anyone remember that song from the old egg commercials? “I love eggs, from my head down to my legs”. I have it stuck in my head after making eggs again for breakfast. At least it’s true! I. love. eggs.


Today I’m home from work – working for the state, we get a few days of the year that are the “smaller” holidays and we can choose if we want to go in and bank those hours for later or just take the day off without having to use any leave. So…I took today off. We’re pretty sure a friend is coming through town for a conference and staying with us tonight, so I figured I should get a few things done. My plan for the day is:

  • Try the Morning Flow 20 minute class
  • Clean house
  • Shower
  • Laundry
  • Lunch
  • Groceries
  • Go to the gym to workout with Nick
  • Home for dinner
  • Watch What Not to Wear   :)


Breakfast today was nice; we thought we really slept in but we got up at 7:30! I guess that’s later than a normal workday, but it felt so much later! Since we had a bit more time this morning, I made omelettes! I made them with 2 eggs, some diced up ham, and cheese.


I also had a slice of Arnold 100% whole wheat bread, toasted, with about 1/2 Tbsp of almond butter.


Add on to that a cup of coffee with some skim milk and a banana, and you’ve got a great breakfast.







Enjoy your day! It’s FrIdAy!!!


  1. That is quite a to do list for a day off!

    Let me know how you like that yoga, I have the 60 minute morning flow and I love that one.

  2. haha – i definitely remember that egg jingle.

    Hope you enjoy the yoga!

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